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Sex Happens

Dr. Alexandra Rose, the loveable but flawed protagonist, loses custody of her three children. Throughout her journey to reclaim her children, a quest that every parent knows is stronger than life itself, her First Friday Book Club women support her as their monthly novel selections mirror her life.

Alexandra becomes the fervent sex partner of a handsome black former Marine. With him, she experiences a life as far away from her own as possible—that is until the First Friday Book Club women intervene. When his true identity is revealed, Alexandra learns divorce can be dangerous.

Fifty percent of women have been or will be divorced. Join Alexandra on her journey –you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but you’ll definitely see yourself through her struggles and triumphs. You won’t be able to put the book down until the last page!


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Sex Happens by Dr. Carol Soloway

We all want to be loved. What woman hasn’t dreamt about her wedding--imagined herself in the beautiful gown with the long train, her parents beaming, and the perfect groom. But the reality is that one in two marriages end in divorce.

Dr. Carol Soloway on New Women's Fiction Novel - Sex Happens and more!

There’s one thing we all want—sometimes even more than life. It’s love. We all want to be loved. What woman hasn’t dreamed about her wedding—imagined herself in the beautiful dress with a long train, her parents beaming and, of course, the perfect groom.


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Eric Turcio host-BlogTalkRadio  TalkwithTurcio

Eric Turcio host-BlogTalkRadio TalkwithTurcio

“Dr. Soloway is a natural on the air. Her eloquent and pleasantly soothing voice was enjoyed by the thousands of listeners tuning in from all over the nation.”

Stella Lemus-1330AM

“Dr. Soloway was phenomenal on our Spanish radio program last night. Her conversational Spanish, even though she is not a native, made the listeners comfortable with her. We want her back.”

Stella Lemus-1330AM


introducing the amazing author of this ebook

After each decade of my life, I’ve changed careers, and writing is the synthesis of all of the knowledge and skills I’ve accumulated along the path. My first career was as an English teacher during which time, I completed a master’s degree in English. Ten years later, I went back to school and became a chiropractor and established a rewarding practice which my son, also a chiropractor, now runs. Another decade passed and another career beckoned. I became a Qualified Medical Examiner and have been enjoying the challenges of that career for—of course, ten years.

Since writing has always been my passion, I returned to school and took numerous creative writing courses including Squaw Valley Community of Writers summer program. Now, I’m enjoying the pinnacle of all of my careers as the soon-to-be published author of SEX HAPPENS.

I live with my wonderful husband who is nothing like any of the characters in the novel. Together, we have five grown sons with families of their own, all of whom have promised not to read the sex scenes.