About the Novel

Dr. Alexandra Rose has everything a woman could want. She’s the wife of a renowned cardiologist, the mother of three adorable sons, and a successful chiropractor. But on their twentieth anniversary, her husband shocks her with the truth of his affair. Her life spins out of control, and she faces the other side of marriage where dreams implode and people are not who they seem.

Alexandra wants custody of her children, but so does her husband, and he’ll stop at nothing. Thrust into a nightmare spawned by chilling deception, a custody battle erupts so poisonous it threatens to become murderous.

In this stay-up-all-night portrait of a contemporary family, Alexandra’s bittersweet journey of love, loss, and sexuality leads her to a miraculous discovery of self and power. SEX HAPPENS explores the very essence of all we value as women—marriage, motherhood, sex—and what we’ll do for each.


What Others are Saying...

Sandra Biskind | International #1 Bestselling Author of the Code Breaker, Platinum Series

Sandra Biskind | International #1 Bestselling Author of the Code Breaker, Platinum Series

"Carol Soloway’s first book is like a comet entering the fiction scene! Sex Happens had me captivated from the first page. I entered her world of love, broken promises, sex, lies, deceit, divorce, heartbreak, friendship and so much more. It is absorbing, insightful, thought-provoking and a gratifying page-turner."

Diana Sabatino | Managing Director eWomen Network, Orange County

"I had the opportunity to read Sex Happens this weekend--Woke up at 7am, made my coffee and settled back with the first 100 pages of Sex Happens. Two hours later I can't wait to read more. So impressed with her writing style, she captured my attention and never let it go! Other than walking downstairs for more coffee, I never put it down. I'm a FAN --Sex, power, secrets. Love, love, love it. If you like Daniel Steele, Harold, Robbins, Sydney Sheldon, you'll love Carol Soloway. Destined to be a BEST SELLER!"

Diana Sabatino | Managing Director eWomen Network, Orange County
Bo Urbanski

Bo Urbanski

"I couldn't put it down."

Eileen Davidson

"You'll make time to read this!"

Eileen Davidson
Eric Turcio | BlogTalkRadio Host, Talk with Turcio

Eric Turcio | BlogTalkRadio Host, Talk with Turcio

“Dr. Soloway is a natural on the air. Her eloquent and pleasantly soothing voice was enjoyed by the thousands of listeners tuning in from all over the nation.”

Ruth Klein | Soul-Centered Brand Strategist, Featured in O: The Oprah Magazine, Author of 6 Best-Selling Books, Woman of Achievement Award--National Association of Professional Women (NAPW)

“Carol Soloway has a unique talent in engaging her audience completely. From the moment I started reading Sex Happens, I couldn’t put it down. The authentic, relatable characters intrigued me. It kept my interest all the way to the last page—with surprises throughout. Bravo for writing such an exceptional book, Dr. Carol!"

Renée Piane | Author of Get Real About Love: The Secrets to Opening Your Heart, Finding True Love

"Sex Happens is a page turner that makes you feel every emotion in this heart wrenching story. Many women who have had to heal their hearts from infidelity will feel the connection and learn some lessons from the emotional roller coaster ride of the divorce process. Sex Happens is life transforming and real!"

Meet Dr. Carol Soloway

After each decade of my life, I’ve changed careers, and writing is the synthesis of all of the knowledge and skills I’ve accumulated along the path. My first career was as an English teacher during which time, I completed a master’s degree in English. Ten years later, I went back to school and became a chiropractor and established a rewarding practice which my son, also a chiropractor, now runs. Another decade passed and another career beckoned. I became a Qualified Medical Examiner and have been enjoying the challenges of that career for—of course, ten years.

Since writing has always been my passion, I returned to school and took numerous creative writing courses including Squaw Valley Community of Writers summer program. Now, I’m enjoying the pinnacle of all of my careers as the author of SEX HAPPENS.

I live with my wonderful husband who is nothing like any of the characters in the novel. Together, we have five grown sons with families of their own, all of whom have promised not to read the sex scenes.


Sex in Books

Women’s fiction has been around for a long time, but it skyrocketed in 2012 with the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, the trilogy by EL James. The sales and film adaption show there is an audience for women’s stories, not just vivid sex scenes, but stories that reveal women’s journeys.

Even the renowned author, Anne Rice who is undoubtedly most famous for the series of vampire novels, has dabbled in erotica. Under the pen name AN Roquelare, Rice released a trilogy of women’s fiction, and the sales demonstrate the market.

Lots of writers have included a bit of sensuality in their work, but more recently, sex, graphic sex, has been in mainstream novels. This brings us to one Carol Soloway’s novel, Sex Happens, and yes, there’s a lot of sex in the book, but it’s so much more than that. There’s a plot, a theme, and most importantly, it will make you think about life and love.

Reading the book is sure to be a roller coaster ride – sexy, adventurous, and somewhat dangerous. Described as “gut-wrenching as Eat, Pray, Love and as titillating as Fifty Shades of Grey, Sex Happens focuses on what happens to a woman’s life when everything she’s ever known and loved– being a wife or being a mother – is suddenly stripped away. The book also highlights the importance of community, and, of course, the power sex has over people.

With Sex Happens, Dr. Carol Soloway has given us a page-turning novel that is part sexy, part thrilling, and an overall enjoyable read.

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Do You Need a Husband?

As women, we define ourselves by our connection to a man. Are we someone’s wife? Lover?
Think about Eat, Pray, Love. The book opens with the main character leaning over the toilet bowl, certain her life is over. Then she travels to Italy where she eats, India where she prays and then she loves—the true reconstruction of a life for a woman.

Look at Blue Jasmine, the movie. The main character discovers her husband is a fraud. She comes undone. She holds onto her role as wife of a wealthy man. She can’t accept her life without her husband.

This is literature, but art imitates life and when it comes to marriage, it’s no exception. Famous cellist, Wasserstein, stated when she got engaged, now she’d be taken seriously. Yes, even a fabulous career USUALLY isn’t enough.

I remember Dennis Praeger described a conversation he had with three recent college graduates who asked him to guide them about meaningful careers. He told suggested they consider motherhood as their primary goal and select a secondary career which could support that. As an extremely successful chiropractor and Qualified Medical Examiner, I completely agree. It is the role of mother that has given me life-affirming joy and fulfillment. While I’ve been fortunate to have a career which was financially and emotionally rewarding, it was nothing compared to seeing children grown into adulthood and create their own families.

As women, we are wired to seek the emotional gratification only family can provide. Think about two women meeting. Within five minutes, they’ve most probably shared marital status, number of children, and have made a connection. Think about your life as a professional woman, a wife, a mother. Where does your soul get fed?