Relaxing In The Big Easy

We recently passed through New Orleans, and it live up to its reputation! The food was delicious, the streets were lively, and the homes were beautiful. Here are some photos from our time there.


RV Life

Hello there!

We are a few months into our RV Tour! And what a whirlwind it has been. We’ve visited some amazing cities. Here are some photos of our RV and some of the materials I use when speaking to some fabulous groups on the road.

And Off We Go! Tour Date Itinerary

Hello! We are now on the road in our larger-than-life RV. We’ve left our home in the hands of our trusted house-sitter, and have embarked on our seven month journey across the nation to promote Sex Happens. We’re now in our first stop- San Diego. Take a look below at our itinerary- are we coming to a city near you? If so, contact us!

1/17-1/22 San Diego

1/25 Phoenix

1/26-1/27 Sedona

1/281-1/30 Flagstaff

1/31 Phoenix

2/10 Phoenix

2/11-2/17  Sante Fe

2/18-2/21 Albuquerque

2/23-2/28 San Antonio

3/10-3/15 Austin

3/16-3/19 Dallas  /Ft Worth

3/21-3/24 Houston

3/26-3/27 Baton Rouge

3/28-4/4 New Orleans

4/19-4/20  Tampa

4/23-4/30 Miami

5/12-5/18 Atlanta

5/20-5/23 Savannah

5/25-5/31 Charleston

6/10-6/15 Washington D.C.

6/25-6/29 Philadelphia

July – throughout New York

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