This could happen to anyone!

Imagine you’re former husband is on a trip with the children and it just happens to be Mother’s Day. Or worse yet, you’ve lost custody of your children and the supervised visitations are on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Mother’s Day could be like this:

The phone rang.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” Jon, her five-year-old son said.

“Gimme the phone,” Eric yelled to his brother. “I gotta tell Mom quickly so I can go on the water slide.”

“I’m still talking,” Jon refused to give his older brother the phone.

“Jon, if you don’t give me the phone I’m going to tell Dad and Linda,” Eric replied.

“Dad said it’s irrespecting to call her Linda ‘cause she’s the mom of this house.”

Shocked, she said, “Jon sweetie, I’m your mom and will always love you.”

Could you even imagine your husband trying to extricate/remove/bar you from his life, and worse from the children?