I did and for thirty years, I never shared this secret. It was my secret, the thing that I didn’t want anyone to know about me, the thing that kept me up at night, the thing that prevented me from enjoying my successes.

Finally, I decided to share my secret—well not exactly—a much more exciting and titillating version. I wrote SEX HAPPENS about a woman who lost custody of her children and fought to reclaim them while her husband’s dastardly plot to derail her came to fruition.

After publication, I was shocked by the number of readers who resonated with the story and contacted me to tell me they too had shared it, lived it. For a mother, life without her children is a deep abyss and every holiday is colored by regret, disappointment and devastation.

If you are fortunate enough to have our children with you on this Mother’s Day, remember how precious it is.